Margret Almer & Bavarian Show Band

The Bavarian Show Band is one of the most famous and popular show bands and is known by their highly successful shows and great music all over the world. These five musicians are constant guests at China's October festivals, as in many galas in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria.... The perfection of musicians playing different instruments perfectly, and the beautiful voices of the jodelqueen from Austria, Margret Almer, is one of the best, Worldwide! International hits, Bavarian Schunkel mood, yodel acrobatics and many funny shows including the audience, guarantee a lively atmosphere for every evening. Of course, such as cowbells, pan flute or the fire Trumpet and acrobatics accordeon show cannot be missing in our show. The Jodelqueen with the Bavarian Show Band - a name in the music scene, that guaranties the success of your musical festivals and shows, you will never forget!

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